Charity Fund for the Development of Sports Wrestling of Ukraine
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Charity Fund for the Development of Sports Wrestling of Ukraine
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Yuriy Kopytko: “Our goal is to unite all caring people to bring victory closer”

The President of the Ukrainian Wrestling Association shared his impressions of the World Cup and told how it was possible to hold the traditional awarding ceremony for the best wrestlers of 2022

About the World Cup

“Actually, this victory was expected. This is the result of the work of a large team of the Association of Sports Wrestling: female athletes, coaching staff and personal trainers, employees of the ASBU office, who took on the logistical part of the work, and of course our reliable partners – the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and personally Minister Vadym Gutzait, the National Olympic Committee, companies “Limo”, “Karpatska Fontelna” and “Lanavitta” headed by Yevhen Ovsienko. I would also like to thank the vice-president of the ASBU and People’s Deputy Eduard Proschuk. This is our joint victory and I hope that we will have even greater achievements ahead of us.

In the photo: Yuriy Kopytko, Vadym Gutzait and Eduard Proschuk

The women’s national team has repeatedly been the strongest team in Europe and has always been considered one of the most powerful national teams in the world. Therefore, this year the girls proved it once again and finally won the World Cup, for the first time in the history of Ukrainian wrestling. This is a truly historic moment. This year was the most difficult in the history of Independent Ukraine, and we all really needed this positive ray at the end of the year. It gives you the motivation to work further and move forward.

Today, our country needs sports awards more than ever, because every time the national anthem of Ukraine is heard in the world, it is a reminder to the entire civilized world about the need for help for our country. Of course, this extremely motivates the athletes, and the girls felt this responsibility, so they fought hard for the victory.

Ukraine got into a difficult subgroup, where there were only Asian countries. Long-term world practice shows that Asian women are the strongest on the world carpet. Japan, China and Mongolia have long been the leaders of world women’s wrestling. I believe that the victory over the Japanese team is due to our coaches, who set the girls up correctly and taught them how to overcome this psychological barrier, convinced them that there are no invincible opponents. There are no weak participants in the World Cup, because only the five strongest teams plus the world team get there. That is, all the participants of these competitions are champions of the continents, the world and even the Olympics. We are extremely proud of our girls.”

About awarding the best athletes in 2022

“This year has become the most difficult for all of us, for the Association, for athletes, coaches… morally, psychologically, financially… But thanks to the support of our partners, we managed to do what would seem impossible – we closed the entire calendar year in all age categories. Our national teams in all three types of wrestling took part in all European and world championships from U15 to the adult national team. And in terms of sports, it was an extremely successful medal year. For example, our women’s national teams in all age categories were first in the team standings at all European championships.

It was very important for us to hold a traditional New Year’s meeting of the entire wrestling family to honor the champions and prize winners of the main competitions and coaches in a circle of like-minded people. It seems to me that now it is very important for everyone to have the opportunity to simply meet, chat, shake hands. Such events always motivate athletes, they feel that they are remembered, cared for and supported. I am sure that these meetings also affect the results of our national teams. The only difference is that this year, for security reasons, we decided to hold the ceremony in Lviv.”

About goals for 2023

“We are determined to continue working and winning. Now the calendar of competitions and educational and training meetings is being formed. Sports goals are set by the head coaches, and it is the duty of the Association to help realize the plan.

To date, I have communicated with all federations of friendly countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, Great Britain… We really feel the support of the world community. Therefore, next year there will definitely be trips to competitions and educational and training meetings abroad. And of course, all internal meetings will be on schedule, because they are financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and are already included in the budget.”

About the International Charitable Fund for the Development of Sports Wrestling

“Next year will be very difficult for our country and at the same time very responsible in terms of sports, because the first Olympic licenses will be drawn already in the fall. Of course, in the conditions of war, it is extremely difficult to prepare for the Olympics. Therefore, in order to provide our athletes with the opportunity to properly prepare for the Olympic Games, the International Charitable Foundation for the Development of Sports Wrestling was founded. We are going to donate in order to provide the national team with everything necessary, and the most important thing is that our wrestlers have good competitive practice on the eve of the main quadrennial competitions.

Also, one of the priority directions of the foundation’s activities is to help our wrestlers and coaches who suffered from the war. Unfortunately, there are already losses among fighters who defended our land in the ranks of the Armed Forces. Therefore, we feel obliged to support the families of Heroes. Funds have already been allocated to help the families of the fallen fighters.

And of course, the Fund will work for the Victory of Ukraine and will actively help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A memorandum on the Fund’s support of 125 separate brigades of the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been signed. We have already helped in the purchase of pickup trucks and in the future we will collect funds for the maximum support of our defenders.

Our goal now is to unite all people, businesses, and international partners interested in the struggle to bring our Victory closer! The victory of Ukraine on the battlefield and the victory of Ukrainian wrestlers at the Olympics.”

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