Charity Fund for the Development of Sports Wrestling of Ukraine
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Charity Fund for the Development of Sports Wrestling of Ukraine
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The women’s national team of Ukraine is the winner of the World Cup!!!


On the way to victory, the Ukrainian women defeated the strongest teams in the world from Mongolia, Japan, and China!!!

The yellow and blue team brilliantly defeated the Mongolian team at the World Cup in the second round.

Ukrainian women won with a score of 7:3!

Alina Hrushyna, Yulia Tkach-Ostapchuk, Iryna Bondar, Kateryna Zelenykh, Tetyana Sova-Rizhko, Alla Belinska and Anastasia Osniach-Shustova won.

Our girls beat the Japanese team in the third round with a score of 5:5. Alina Hrushyna, Yuliya Tkach-Ostapchuk, Iryna Bondar, Tetyana Sova-Rizhko and Alla Belinska won their matches. It should be noted that the other girls also showed a great fight and were absolutely not inferior to the Japanese women in terms of points.

Thus, the Yellow-Blue team led by Andriy Stadnyk reached the finals where they met the Chinese team!

In the final round, the Ukrainian women defeated the Chinese team with a score of 6:4. Oksana Livach, Alina Hrushyna, Yuliya Tkach-Ostapchuk, Iryna Kolyadenko, Tetiana Sova-Rizhko, and Anastasia Osniach-Shustova won their matches.

Congratulations to the team, coaches, and the Association of Sports Wrestling with a resounding result! This Victory will definitely go down in history because some of the sportswomen were in the war zone or in the occupation back in February. During the war, Ukrainian women demonstrated the indomitable core of our nation. It is very symbolic that the other day the American magazine Time called President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the “spirit of Ukraine” the symbol of 2022, and already today Ukrainian wrestlers demonstrated to American fans and the whole world what the “Spirit of Ukraine” is in action. We are proud of our girls!

Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to their resilience, athletes have the opportunity to train and defend the country’s honor on the world stage.

The Association of Sports Wrestling on behalf of the athletes thanks everyone who made the trip to the World Cup possible: the coaches of the national team, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, UWW, the Association of Sports Wrestling of Ukraine, USA Wrestling (United States of America Wrestling Association Inc.) (USA Wrestling Federation), United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. Personally, Rich Bender, Terry Steiner, Deqa Niamkey, Dragomir Cioroslan, Serhiy Bubtsi, Vadim Gutzait, the leadership of the Ukrainian Wrestling Association Yuriy Kopytko and Eduard Proshchuk.

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